NOTE: Saving is disabled
Rap as much as you can of the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" intro song
"Welcome to the Hotel ____________. Livin' it up in the Hotel ____________." By Eagles
Sing a few bars of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"
Can you salsa dance? Waltz? Show us!
Sing a few bars from Billy Joel's "Piano Man"
Give us your best impression of the Dougie
Running Man
Do the moonwalk
"Catching _______ off the docks, watching the _________ roll off the ________, she'll forever hold a spot inside my ____________." By Kid Rock
Do a dance named after an inanimate object
Sing the intro to "We are the Champions" by Queen
Everyone else beatbox while you judge. You choose the winner (you discard this card, and they discard one of their choosing)
Name the lead singer of Green Day
Air guitar solo!
Hum the intro to Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love"
"Wastin' away again in ________, searchin' for my lost shaker of ______..." By Alan Jackson
Demonstrate your best country/southern drawl
"______ for my men, and ______ for my horses!" By Toby Keith
Play air fiddle with sound effects!
Channel your inner Lady Gaga and make an outfit out of things around the room
What were some of the memorable props Katy Perry's show used in the 2015 Superbowl?
Pick a pop song and dance passionately as you sing a few bars
Name an Adam Lambert song Name something memorable about his American Idol run
"I'm on the pursuit of ______ and I know, everything that ______ ain't always gonna be ______." By Kid Cudi
Find a rhythm and beatbox for us
"I can ride my ______ with no ______..." By Flobots
Pick someone to have a rap battle against (other players judge; winner discards this card if holding it. If not, a card of their choosing)
Demonstrate your best metal screams
Name a FEMALE metal singer (any sub-genre)
Show your moshing/headbanging skills
Name a Christian metal/heavy band
Quick, Gene Simmons face!
Sing Happy Birthday to the person to the right of you while jumping on one leg
Name 3 country artists (any sub-genre)
Emulate Katy Perry without words and have the group guess who you are
Hum the Star Wars theme while swinging a lightsaber
Name a song that is in another language
Hum a theme song from a TV series. Have the rest of group guess what show it is (the person who guesses correctly discards one of their cards)
Spin in a circle while singing the Star Spangled Banner
Hum a classical tune (Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, etc.) while playing air piano
Name two songs that have only the name of a person as the title
"If you _____, I will ______ you- I'll be waiting, _____ after ______." By Cyndi Lauper
Do your best Michael Jackson impersonation
Sing the scales. HINT: Think of "The Sound of Music"
"Oh, my god. _______, look at her ______." By Sir Mix-a-Lot
Sing a patriotic song
Name two of the Beatles
Name two pop songs from a movie soundtrack
Sing a workout song while running in place
Name 2 musical groups that have siblings in them
Name 2 kids of famous singers
Do the Cha-Cha Slide
Do the Macarana
Do the YMCA
Gangnam Style!
Do the Cupid Shuffle
Choose a song and start singing while pointing at someone to join in. If they harmonize well, you discard this card and they discard one of their choosing.
Quickly sing part of a popular rock chorus to the person on your left. If they sing the rest successfully, you discard this card and they discard one of their choosing.
Successfully lead one round of Thumper. Explain if needed. Anyone who doesn't screw up discards a card.
Name a Jimmy Buffett song
"We're just another nail in the ____, another knot in the ____, just another squeeze of the ____, one more hue in the ____!" By Otep
"That ____ last night was awfully crazy, I wish we ____ it. I ____ my @$$ off and had this one ____ completely ____." By Asher Roth
Sing a few bars of any Taylor Swift song
Name an AC/DC song
"Hi! My name is... (huh?) My name is... (what?) My name is ... ____________". By Eminem
Name at least five sub- genres of metal
"My daddy served in the ____, well he lost his right ____ but he flew a ____ out in our yard til the day that he ____." By Toby Keith
Name an 80's hair metal band
Ozzy impersonation, go!
Name the King of Pop and the King of Rock 'N' Roll
Sing the chorus to "We Will Rock You" by QueenName the lead singer of Queen
Pretend to be Lorde until your turn comes around again. Keep this card in your hand until then
Do the Turbo Hustle
The Wobble!
"We've got no place to go, caught up in the ____. Oh no! Please, ____ tell me we're _______!" By Smallpools
"I hear Jerusalem bells are ________. Roman cavalry choirs are ________." By Coldplay
Do the asdPokey! (You must sing it as you dance to it)
Sing as much of the classic Pokemon theme song as you can
Hum the Jeopardy! theme song (the one used during the 30 second answer period)
"I've come here to ____ you, won't leave until you've ____. ____ born of vengeance, I closed my ____'s eyes tonight." By Avenged Sevenfold
"Get ____, come on get ____ with the ____!" By Disturbed
"STAY when you think you ____ me, PRAY when you need ____. HEY, keep your ____ off me, trying to get through!" By Seether
"If you feel so ____, just get up! Let's start a ____!" By Three Days Grace
Hum "Do you want to build a snowman" Have group guess what you are humming Act out building a snowman have people guess what you're doing
Hum "Somewhere over the rainbow" by Judy Garland Name the two original actors of Wicked who played Elphaba and Glinda
Act like a cowboy/cowgirl and have the group guess what kind of person you areName two male country artists
Name two female country singers Name a famous movie based on a country song
"It's a quarter after one, I'm all _____ and I ____ you now." By Lady Antebellum Name 3 Taylor Swift songs
Perform a dance card, a singing card, and trivia card
Perform 3 dance cards
Perform 3 cards from the rock genre
Successfully answer 4 trivia cards (non-performance cards)
Perform 3 cards from the pop genre
Perform the refrain of Eminem's Rap God
When was Mick Jagger born?Strut like Mick Jagger.
Question: What show was the lead singer of Maroon 5 a judge on?Sing the chorus to Sugar (try to sing it like Maroon 5 does)
What stage gimmick is Chance the Rapper best known for?Choose someone to discard a card and lay down a beat for you, then rap like a 5 year old kid.
How did Michael Jackson get his famous lean to work in the video for Smooth Criminal?Put your feet together and lean over at least 20 degrees, keeping your body straight.
What were Metallica's and Slayer's first albums?Do the drum intro to Metallica's "Enter Sandman"
Name three songs by Alt-JPlay the drum solo from "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who, using various parts of your body as your drumset
Make someone else discard a card 2 different times.
Millionaire: Have 5 cards when at least 2 other people have less than 2
"I have a _____ house with _____ window. _____ is the color of all that I wear. _____ are the streets and all of the trees too. I have a girlfriend and she is so _____." by Eiffel 65
Groupie: Complete 3 cards of the same genre that contain trivia
Name Blur's most famous single in the U.S.You must speak with the accent of a British rock star until it is your turn again.
Showman: Complete 4 cards that require you to perform in some way
Lead Singer: Complete 3 fill-in-the-lyrics cards, but you must also sing the lyrics to the correct tune when filling them in for the cards to count
Name 3 metal bandsPretend you are at a metal concert and mosh for 10 seconds
Interpretive dance while singing a few bars of Katy Perry's "Roar"
"In hopes you're on the other ____, talking to me too. Or am I just a ____, talking to the ____?" By Bruno Mars
Get someone to harmonize to "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men with you, then discard this card and have them discard one of their cards
Sing the intro to "We Are Young" by Fun.
"So tell me what you want to ____, something that will ____ those ____. Sick of all the ____, so I'm gonna give all my ____ away." By OneRepublic
"Dirty ____, you see these ____, baby I'm your ____... I'll let you ____ me if I ____." By Justin Timberlake
"All this ______ I can't believe that I couldn't ____. Kept in the ____ but you were there in front of me. I've been ________ a thousand years it seems. Got to open my ____ to everything." By Evanescence
"I don't think you ____ in my ____ suicide. I ____ when angels deserve to ____." By System of a Down
"I try to make it through my ____, in my way there's ____. I try to make it through these ____, that's all I ____." By Apocalyptica
"You've got a new _________ it's ephemeral style. A ____________ town where we never ______." By Gorillaz
"On the ______, that's my favorite _______. Made me bounce around, like I don't ________, like I won't be _____ long." By Childish Gambino
"Rollin' in, hella _____, headin' to the __________. Dressed in all _____, 'cept my _________ shoes, those are green." By Macklemore
"You say that it's ____ to be, it's ____ to be. You ain't no ____, so stop. 'Cause ____ is for ____." By Hoodie Allen
Breakdance to the best of your abilities
What name are Linkin Park's lead singer's rap songs published under?
Create a convincing rapper outfit out of things in the room
"Never wanted to be left ____, I didn't know how to go ____ without you. Is it too ____?" By Ghostface Killah
"You know I like my _______ fried, and cold ______ on a ______ night. A pair of _______ that fit just right, and the ______ up." By Zac Brown Band
"Getting up, getting _________, livin' with this __________. But I know if I could do it over. I would _______, give away all the _____ that I saved in my _______." By Rascal Flatts
"That I dug my ___ into the side of his pretty little souped up _____ wheel drive, carved my _____ into his leather ____." By Carrie Underwood
"I'm a ____ woman, I ain't no high class ____. I'm just a product of my ____, I say '____' and '____'!" By Gretchen Wilson
Find a cowboy hat, or an appropriate substitute. Wear it for the rest of the game
"I'm _______ in, shaping up, then _______ out of the _________ bus. This is it, the _________. Whoa." By Imagine Dragons +1
"But if you _____ your eyes, does it almost _____ like nothing _________ at all? And if you _____ your eyes, does it almost _____ like you've been _____ before?" By Bastille
Dance to "Cotton-Eyed Joe"!
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